Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Yuri competed in Inside The Turkey, Canyon Run, Team Relay 1, and Team Relay 3. He is not playable. Nothing is known about him since he does not appear in any cut scene, not even as cameo.

Livery Edit

Yuri is green with two "hood grilles", an unusual spoiler, and a European/Asian style license plate with a Russian Flag and the word "YURIKAA".

Personality Edit

Despite him being the game's technical "Mystery Character", he has a bit of personality, notably having quotes that suggest he is trying to become famous.

Abilities Edit

Yuri's identity could be his special ability, as there are various guesses of who he is.

Gallery Edit


Playable using a mod.


Yuri against Lightning, Sonny, Philip, and Luigi


Yuri's license plate: "YURIKAA"

Icon Yuri a

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Who is he? Edit

Yuri's "YURIKAA" license plate could evidence he is more than a simple car, he could secretly be a wizard or an angel/demon, and secretly be creating unexistant cars or controlling existing ones.

  • Guido: In Team Relay 1's cut scene, Luigi and Guido agree to race with Giovanni on his team, but in the race, Guido does not appear, instead, Yuri appears, he could have disguised himself as Guido during the cut scene, but where was the real Guido?
  • Philip: He and Yuri are the only 2 characters exclusive to Mater National that aren't playable. A time paradox behind Philip's 2 appearences could be Yuri's work, does he have the abilitiy to make other cars forget things or to time travel?
  • Gudmund: His body shape is exactly the same as Gudmund, which could mean what most players think is a Swedish Rally Car named Gudmund, is actually Yuri.
  • El Guapo and Papo: They mysteriously did not re-appear although Fletcher and Gerald did, could he or Philip be behind this, or did the Brits just win the argument throughout Cars VG?
  • Fred: Yuri could be behind the fact that Fred competes in Rustbucket Races as Tommy Joe gives him no mention in Rustbucket Race 1's cut scene. Their basises are also very similar.
  • Yuri's license plate could just be his license plate, and not have any special meaning behind it.

Trivia Edit

  • Some speculation points to that Yuri is named after Yuri Gagarin.
  • By close comparison, one can see that Yuri is actually the same as Gudmund, but without any rally modifications.
  • Yuri, Lewis, and the 18 NPC Piston Cup Racers (except Cortland) are the only characters that compete in races and have no known artwork or concepts.
  • Yuri, along with Philip, are often mistakenly said to be "International Racers", but they do not meet the criteria due to not appearing in the handheld games and not being playable.

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