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2006 Dodge Charger NASCAR



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Minion of Chick Hicks



Vehicle Identification Number (referred to as VIN in the game) is the name given to any unusual white, Piston Cup Racer-like robotic minion of Chick Hicks, each are created from a Chick Hicks Academy Student by the MotorCo. in Autovia.

Cars: Race-O-Rama Edit

VINs first appear in the cut scene for Off Road Race 2, where CH Students enter the MotorCo., and drive out through the other side as VINs. They later appear in almost every race after that. Sprint 2 is the most notable race, where all seven opponents are VINs.

Livery Edit

Each VIN is white with a bar code on their doors. They have the same 3D Model and animations as Joltsen and his 17 clones.

Personality Edit

VINs act like robots, as shown in the races where they say many quotes similiar to robots.

Abilities Edit

VINs do not show much of an ability, as they are intended to be slower than most other cars in their Story Mode appearances.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • According to the Concept art, VINs were originally going to resemble Chick Hicks, with the number 128 and black rims, they even also had brown eyes just like Chick. Their grilles however were slightly different from Chick's.
  • In the game itself, players can drive through the MotorCo. building and see the systems that turn the students into VINs, even though they will not get turned into a VIN. This route is actually a shortcut used in several races such as Match Up.
  • VIN and Mike are the only cars to state their own body material, with VIN having a quote saying he is made of steel (like most cars).
  • In the cut scene where they first appear, the only students seen entering are "Student 1s", which could imply that there is only one CH Student 2, 3, and 4, while there are countless Student 1s.
VIN Artwork

How the VINs were originally going to appear.


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