Transporters are events in Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Objective Edit

The goal is to Transport an item from the starting area to where it is needed within a time limit. There are 3 levels.

Levels Edit

1 Edit

The player is placed in Willy's Butte, and the player must bring a spoiler to Doc who is waiting next to his garage within 55 seconds, the player must bring it in under 35 to win a gold trophy.

2 Edit

Starting from the area in the back of Tailfin Pass, Lightning must get a flyer to Flo from there to the Wheel Well Motel within 1:05, with 45 seconds being the requirement for gold.

3 Edit

Starting from the back of Ornament Valley, Lightning must get a tire to the gas station (not the one Vince, Barry, Sonny, and Lenny hang out at) within 1:15, required to beat 55 seconds for the gold. Luigi will be waiting for him.

Trivia Edit

  • The player is granted infinite boost in these events, despite the game not supporting a cheat code granting it in other events (It also does not support a Super-Acceleration code, either).

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