Team Relay 4 is the final of Cars: Mater-National Championship's four relay races.

Team Relay 4

The teams receiving the countdown.

Story Mode Edit

Lightning has just beaten Giovanni in Stadium Race 3, and both are exhausted. Luigi and Guido appear and say they must race again, saying that Giovanni had the sun in his windshield and almost flat tires. But Lightning agrees to do a "Home Vs. Away", and the race starts.

Mater is in front of the newly finished Racing HQ, where he and Lightning get into a conversation about it being a clubhouse. Giovanni also welcomes Lightning to come to the European circuit, and says he may need a bigger town. Emma points out that it's just over "the pond". Luigi then gets ready for an end of the festival picture. Guido then arms the camera and runs back with the crowd, and then him and the main playable cast have their picture taken and hung on the wall of the HQ. The game's credits then play.

Track Edit

The track matches that of Stadium Race 4, even though this race comes first.

Award Info Edit

The player will earn 24 bolt banners and later 24000 points, the highest reward for one event in the game.

Gallery Edit


Results Screen

Trivia Edit

  • This event is often referred to in-game as being the final race, although this title actually belongs to Stadium Race 4.
  • The opening picture incorrectly shows the track of Stadium Race 1 instead of 4.
  • After Stadium Race 3 is beaten, it will not send the player back to the hub, it will immediately play the cut scene and start the race. It can be questioned whether the cut scene is either a cut scene for Team Relay 4 or an end scene for Stadium Race 3.
    • It may also be noted that Guido's front tire is floating for the entire scene, yet his other tires are not.
  • This is the only relay race where Barry does not appear as an opponent.
  • Likely due to spacing limitations, Flo is excluded in the end scene, even though every other playable character (and Guido, who isn't playable) is shown.

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