Team Relay 2 is the second team relay in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Team Relay 2

The teams aligned.

Story Mode Edit

Track Edit

As all four Mater-National relay races are built out of existing tracks, this race is made from Ornament Valley Airport.

Award Info Edit

Winning grants 4 bolt banners, and other wins give 4000 points.

Gallery Edit


Results screen

Trivia Edit

  • Team Relay 2 is the easiest race in the game, still 20 seconds slower than opponents on the normal race on Rookie.
  • This is the only relay where the team with the one of the five "International" racers is slower.
  • This is also the only relay where Doc is not on the player's team.
  • Like the original race, a glitch is known to occur where an opponent can slide into the RV Park, get reset, and instantly gain a lap's advantage.
    • By using this glitch, one can see their third car behind an opposing second car.

      Sarge beating Ramone

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