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Team Relay 1 is the first Team Relay race in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Story Mode Edit

Lightning and Mater drive up to Luigi and Guido, saying they look great, and could only look better, saying that Ramone should give them a Lightning bolt. Then, Giovanni appears and he and Lightning greet. Giovanni first thought that Lightning was dressed as him, but he was a famous race car too. They then agree to do a warm-up race, and that they race in teams. Lightning asks Luigi and Guido if they'll take his team, but they take Giovanni's side. Lightning then breaks the fourth wall and asks the screen what he has to do to impress folks around here, and the race starts.

Track Edit

Like all 4 relay races in this installment, it is identical to another track, in this case, is Radiator Springs Circuit.

Gallery Edit


A results screen (Modded, note Guido replaces Yuri and Fred replaces Barry)

Award Info Edit

You will earn 3 bolt banners for coming first. Any later wins will give you 3000 points.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Guido agrees to be on Giovanni's team as shown in the cut scene, Guido does not appear, Yuri appears instead.
  • The preview image for this race shows the track for Team Relay 4, despite this event not taking place in that course.

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