Character Information




Make Model

Lux Motors Co. Piston Cup V8



Body Color

Blue, white

Eye Color

Yellow (blue on occassion)


Piston Cup Racer



Suregrip is a character in Cars: The Video Game.

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Suregrip is the race car for the Clutch Aid racing team. He usually places 4th, though sometimes is seen lower, usually placing 11th. He is not playable, despite rumors of there being a way to unlock him.


Suregrip is blue and white, sponsored by Clutch Aid. His number can be either 123 or 121. He also has a small band-aid on his "hip".


Trivia Edit

  • He is a clone of Joltsen like all the other Piston Cup NPCs.
  • 2 Suregrips appear in Motor Speedway of the South, the one that places 11th is actually the absent Guenther, as proven in the Wii version.
  • Suregrip is one of four cars whose number font changes depending on the number they are currently bearing, when swapping numbers with Masterson, he gains the font of his 123, while Masterson gains the font of his 121.
    • Suregrip/Masterson and Cortland/Clarkson are the only pairs of cars who exactly trade number fonts along with their numbers.
    • On the Wii, Suregrip is still numbered 123, but has the "121" font.
  • Suregrip is one of three cars whose color changes depending on the version of the game, his body is a darker blue on the Wii and Xbox 360.

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