Super-Shortcuts are the most handy of shortcuts, here is a list so you don't miss any. They usually either gain at least 3 seconds of lead or have challenges to overcome to use them.

List Edit

  • Boostin' with Fillmore/Doc's Check-Up: A thin cut off of the back of the Nature Preserve can be found, it can save as much as 4 seconds. Even though the same track is followed, this shortcut is blocked off on Radiator Springs GP.
  • Delinquent Road Hazards/Tailfin Pass GP: Somewhere in the depths of the mineshaft, a very thin cut lies off of the side of the road that leads to an easy gain of 3 seconds. One may also need to note that large, heavy minecart sitting in the way, which can hugely chop a car's speed in ran into. They also must beware of the cut off the track which leads to a dead end and will result in a time-costing reset (although in exploration mode, it has a postcard at the end).
  • Fillmore's Nature Preserve: A super shortcut is hidden in a small tube off the track somewhere near the end, using it can usually gain as much as 5 seconds, but racers must gain momentum, not having enough speed will force them down into a trench they jump over.
  • Rustbucket Grand Prix: A cut appears up on the cliff leading to a ramp into a shortcut saving as much as 6 seconds. CPU cars will never use this cut, and if pushed in, they will try to get out.
  • Wheel Well Circuit: If a racer is going fast enough on the ramp in the cave, they will be shot up to an area hidden in the ceiling that will take them on a sharper turn 4 seconds faster than the normal route, CPU cars will only be able to get up to it on Champion and Expert difficulty.
  • The Upper Mine: After the first sharp turn, a small cut will branch off, if the player can stay on it without falling off, they go onto a shortcut saving at least 4 seconds, but while on it, they must not fall into the holes on the track, or they'll fall in a longcut costing 6 seconds more. Another one saving 2 seconds could be presumed to come after the town, but is exposed by a road sign.
  • Canyon Run: On the three way intersection, the middle and upper route seem to both be the same, normal route. But behind the arrow sign on the upper route's ramp, a super-shortcut can be found, CPU cars will usually only be able to access the shortcut itself on the higher difficulties.

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