Stadium Race 4 is the final race of Cars: Mater-National Championship.
Stadium Race 4

The racers (Except Otto) lining up.

Story Mode Edit

The end scene can only be seen if the player has obtained all 350 bolt banners and all 7 stickers, Lightning and Mater are driving through Radiator Springs, with Mater asking where Lightning put all his stickers, and Lightning says that they are in a "safe place", and then the camera shows that the stickers were placed on the board with Mike and Sulley outside the racing HQ. After this, Lightning will no longer be seen wearing any stickers, just like he was at the beginning of the story.

Track Edit

The track is the shortest Stadium Race, and has slightly higher AI toughness than the previous races, and is set at the same time of day as the third race.

Award Info Edit

You will earn 20 bolt banners for coming first. Any future wins will give you 20000 points.

Gallery Edit


Results screen

Trivia Edit

  • Although Gudmund is faster than Otto in Stadium Races 2 and 3, Otto is faster than him in this race.
  • Even though this is the final race in the game, Rustbucket Races 3 and 4 are considered harder.
  • Emma does not interact with Lightning in the story, so it could make more sense to have Koji replace her.
  • Even though this race is set at the same time of day as Stadium Race 3, this race has the cars' headlights activated while race 3 doesn't.
  • If one looks very closely in the background in the end scene, a very large number of hidden characters can be seen, these include Luigi, Koji, Red, and a Sedan Tourist, who does not appear anywhere in the game other than this cameo.
  • According to some very early screenshots, Barry and Luigi were intended to appear as opponents, or Barry could have been intended to appear in arcade mode.
    Luigi mater national

    Note that the sky is black.

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