Stadium Race 3 is a stadium race in Cars: Mater-National Championship, unlocked when 160 bolt banners are earned and both Emma and Koji are defeated.
Stadium Race 3

The cars (except Snot Rod) aligning.

Story Mode Edit

Lightning and Giovanni are at the finished stadium, having a similar conversation to what they had in the cut scene of Team Relay 1. Luigi then appears with a red ribbon, and tells them to go and they both charge and break it at the same time, the race then starts.

After the race, Luigi and Guido see that Lightning had beat Giovanni, and say they will never recover, but they also try to make him feel better by complaining that the sun was in his eyes and that his tires were almost flat. They then agree to do another race, "Home vs. Away". Team Relay 4 then starts without sending the player back to the hub.

Track Edit

Not very much is notable about this race, other than it takng on a more simple shape than the other races (a "Peanut" shape, similar to Rustbucket Race 1).

Award Info Edit

Winning this race grants 16 bolt banners, and later on 16000 points.

Gallery Edit


A Results Screen

Trivia Edit

  • It is highly questionable whether what plays at the end of the race is the end scene of Stadium Race 3, or the cut scene of Team Relay 4.
    • It may also be noted that in this same scene, one of Guido's tires is levitating for the entire scene, even though the other two are not.
  • It is unknown how the fans can hear Lightning and Giovanni in the first cut scene, as there seems to be nothing amplifying their voices.
  • In the first cut scene, a portrait of Lightning and Giovanni can briefly be seen. One may notice two car-like designs on the sides, and that they each have a driver, which is incorrect, as there are not supposed to be humans in the World of Cars.

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