Stadium Race 2 is the second stadium race in Cars: Mater-National Championship, unlocked when 75 bolt banners are in hand.
Stadium Race 2

The racers (except Sonny) line up.

Story Mode Edit

In the end scene, Lightning and Mater are having a similar discussion to what they said after the first race, with Lightning saying that Gudmund was a memorable opponent. They soon get into an argument about Lightning having dew on his windshield and he zooms the camera in on him as the scene ends.

Track Edit

The track is very similar to the other stadium races, but is notably at night as opposed to civil twilight, and is the one race to have an underpass.

Award Info Edit

Winning earns the player 12 bolt banners and their third boost segment, winning later on gives them 12000 points.

Gallery Edit


A results screen

Trivia Edit

  • In the files, an unused event titled "Team Relay 13" was found. Modders have added this race to the game, and it unveiled to be a fully working relay version of Stadium Race 2.

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