Sprint 1 is the first event of Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Sprint 1

The racers lined up

Story Mode Edit

(Official Standings Unknown)

Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson Academy Students, and enemy students lead by an unknown teacher were racing while a voice (presumably Darrell Cartrip) welcomes everyone to Radiator Springs Speedway and says that Lightning and Doc Hudson Racing Academy taking on all the challengers for Race-O-Rama trophy. Lightning then says "Time to show them what a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics can do!". And then all the racers crossed a finish line with the game's title on it.

When Lightning was in a good lead, 2 rival academy students bumped 2 Doc Hudson academy students off the track. Lightning then stopped racing and angerly asked who taught them to race like that, and then all the enemy Students stop as well and their teacher appears, being none other than Chick Hicks, who then says that he and some of his friends are here to win the Race-O-Rama series and shut down Doc Hudson Racing Academy, and that he will take over Radiator Springs. Lightning then says that cheating is not a lesson of racing fairly, and then Chick says that nice cars always finish last, and then Lightning says "In your dreams, Thunder", then Chick asks what he is talking about, and then Lightning says that thunder always comes after lightning, and then Chick asks why he always falls for that.

Track Edit

The track is a simple circuit around Radiator Springs Speedway with 2 laps.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Radiator Springs Grand Prix from Cars: The Video Game, this race begins right after you start Story mode without entering exploration mode.
  • The game's title on a starting line is a reference to the film, where the title was also shown on a starting line.
  • In the first cut scene, DH Student 4 incorrectly appears instead of CH Student 4.
  • In the end scene, CH Student 4 upon passing by the wrecked DH Students is both floating and has a blank pose.
  • Only the first DH Student and the first two CH Students appear on the PS2.

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