Smash Up 2 is a smash up in Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Story Mode Edit

(Official Standings Unknown)

Mater is slowly driving around the Rustbucket when Bubba and the Taters show up, thinking they scared him. So Mater starts to describe the horrible light monster that he says scares him most, the Ghostlight. The Taters then realize that Mater rhymes with Tater, and Tater rhymes with Mater, and they suddenly become friends and go look for more things that rhyme with their names. Bubba says they couldn't spell I.Q. if they started from the I.

Track Edit

(Read the trivia section of this article)

Trivia Edit

  • The track is exactly the same as Smash Up 1, only backwards.
  • Only the two Taters and Zeke appear as opponents on the PS2.

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