Sheriff's Hot Pursuit is a minigame in Cars: The Video Game.


The goal of the game is for Sheriff to catch an assortment of 3 speeders in Radiator Springs or Ornament Valley throughout 5 levels. Once you approach a speeder, Sheriff will blast his siren and is now chasing that vehicle. If you get too far away from them, the speeder "gets away" and you will have to start the level over (although any speeders already caught remain caught). Throughout the levels, you will go up against Fletcher, Mia, Gerald, Tia, Barry, El Guapo, Lenny, Snot Rod, Papo, DJ, Sonny, Wingo, Vince, Boost, and Chick Hicks (and with mods, players can change the opposing cars). To catch them, just come up close enough (but not too close) to deplete their chase meter, which when emptied, will put the speeder down.

Vs Mode Edit

This minigame can also be played in 2-player mode, it takes place on Interstate 40, one player is Sheriff and the other is Lightning. Lightning must either get far enough away or reach the end of the highway before Sheriff depletes his chase meter. If Lightning wins, instead of the "Maybe it's time to go see Doc again..." scene playing, it will show the normal catch screen but the time says "They got away!".

Cars: Race-O-Rama Edit

The game returns (under the name Sheriff's Chase) with a single level that has Sheriff catch three Chick Hicks Academy Students. It also however has a time requirement that determines the trophy awarded at the end.

Trivia Edit

  • Sheriff's siren can only be seen activating in this event, even though it had always been on in the PSP game.
  • In Cars: Race-O-Rama, Sheriff's siren sound is replaced by that of a modern siren, while his date is accordingly 1949.