Sarge's Compound is a location in Cars: The Video Game, Cars: Mater-National Championship and Cars: Race-O-Rama. It is where Sarge trains cars to drive off-road.

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Sarge's Compound is entered in the event Sarge's Boot Camp, which solely revolves around doing laps inside of it. It also is briefly entered in North Desert Dash and Sarge's Off-Road Challenge. The area is not explorable, but can be entered (and exited) with a glitch.

Cars: Mater-National ChampionshipEdit

Sarge's Compound is closed and is only accessible through the race North Willy's Butte.

Cars: Race-O-RamaEdit

Sarge's Compound is now explorable unlike in the past games and is the setting of Monster Truck Mayhem 3.