Rustbucket Race 3 is a Rustbucket Race in Cars: Mater-National Championship.


The Cars lining up

Story Mode Edit

Track Edit

The track starts on a straightaway with a ramp, you then cross a "bead" straight after a left turn. You then cross a ramp, head down a straightaway with "steps" and tire obstacles capable of slowing a car down. Racers then continue down a spiral, back over the same ramp, and then to the sharpest turn in the entire game, the finish line is right after that.

Main Causes of Loss Edit

  • Rustbucket Race 3 has the highest AI difficulty of any race in the game, making the race almost impossible to place first on Champion and Expert difficulty.
  • The cars cross the same ramp twice each lap, so if the cars were 17-23 seconds apart, they would slam into each other at the intersection and wipe out.
  • Speeding up too much at the end can cost a win, the final turn is so sharp that driving into it can flip your car over, and tilting usually won't help to prevent a crash.

Award Info Edit

For such a race, it awards only 8 Bolt Banners and later 8000 points.

Gallery Edit


Results Screen


Mater hits Lewis at the intersection

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only Rustbucket Race where Cletus does not appear as an enemy.
  • There is a confirmed glitch where an opponent may turn invisible under an unknown circumstance but will not become impenetrable or lose their shadow like in the much more common issue on Rustbucket Race 4.
    Invisible Emma

    An arcade mode race with Emma and Cletus, Emma has turned invisible.