Rustbucket Race 2 is the second of it's kind in Cars: Mater-National Championship.


The cars lining up

Story Mode Edit

Track Edit

The track is a "Double Oval", with only left turns. There are two ramps, and the biggest tower structure in any Rustbucket event to date. The track has a bridge that goes over itself over the first ramp.

Award Info Edit

You will win 8 Bolt Banners if you come in first. Later wins reward 8000 points.

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Results screen

Trivia Edit

  • Cletus is instantly demoted from the fastest car to the slowest car, despite the other opponents having been exactly the same in Rustbucket Race 1.
  • According to screenshots taken in very early development, the race was supposed to be set at daytime.
    Rustbucket Beta

    Also note that the icons are different.