Retread is a product appearing in the Cars series.


Written on the side of Turner.

Description Edit

Retread is a brand of Roll-On Tire Deodorant, used to prevent bad smells from the constant sweating of tires (in reference to how human hands and armpits sweat) at speed. It's name is based on the real word retread, which means to put new treads on a tire, and the fact that the deodorant covers the tread of the tire.

Appearances Edit

It initially made one very small appearance as the sponsor of Turner, but has appeared in later games solely as a tiny detail, being one of the many sponsor stickers behind Lightning's front tires.

Trivia Edit

  • The Retread logo depicts "Roll-On" written in a design that appears to be a tube of Rub-On deodorant, which is different from "Roll-On". There is also the possibility that Roll-On is actually a play on Rub-On, and this was done intentionally.

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