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Joe Ranft

Red is an obstacle/cameo character in the Cars Video Game series.

Cars: The Video Game Edit

Red appears only in the PSP version of the game, where he backgrounds the opening scene where Lightning and the other Radiator Springs Residents confront Boost, Wingo, DJ, and Snot Rod. He also appears as an obstacle in certain races where if a racer runs into a gate, it will summon Red to put a fire out, wiping out any racer he hits, although this will also open up a shortcut.

Cars: Mater-National ChampionshipEdit

Red has five hidden roles:

  • In the background of certain levels of Tractor Tipping.
  • Watering a marsh off of North Willy's Butte's track from a cliff.
  • In the cut scene after the player beats Stadium Race 4, collects all 350 bolt banners and all 7 stickers, in which he waters flowers next to Stanley.
  • Concept art of him can be unlocked in the bonus content section.
  • One of Flo's victory quotes says "someone call Red, cause i'm on fire.".


Red is a red fire engine with a ladder and hose. His license plate reads "002".

Personality Edit

Red is meant to have no persona, but he has been seen as very shy, as he has never spoken even once, and always tries to stay out of the player's sight in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Abilities Edit

Red is not meant to have any special abilities, but can be noted of the large hose on his roof, which he can spew water out of and uses to grow flowers or put out fires.



Cameo in Tractor Tipping 2

Red Cameo

North Willy's Butte Cameo

Trivia Edit

  • Red and Stanley are the only Radiator Springs Residents to not be playable in any game to date.
  • Red has never had a speaking role, his only two lines of dialogue ever were just him wailing. He also was the last character voiced by Joe Ranft, who the Cars franchise was in memory of.
  • In the Tractor Tipping cameo, Red is a fully detailed character who moves around (although is not animated), but in the North Willy's Butte cameo, he is just an untextured model.

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