RPM is one of the common products seen in the Cars video game series.


On a temporary wall in the second game.

Description Edit

RPM is a brand of Nighttime Backfire Suppressant (And the #1 of it's kind according to Darrell Cartrip) which the backfire can be seen similar to human snoring. It is unknown why the product is called "RPM", which in real life means "Revolutions Per Minute" in a car's engine.

Appearances Edit

RPM appears on a massive number of billboards and walls (including the walls around the starting line of every character's track in Cars: Fast as Lightning), the sponsor of Riley, and mentioned by the announcer in a quote saying the "Fan of the Race" has won a free package of RPM.

Trivia Edit

  • Most RPM logos have a white "R", and every other letter in yellow, but there are also a few that have all three letters in yellow.

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