Powerslide (later called Drift) is a technique in the Cars series.

Description Edit

This move allows the player to take turns sharper, meaning they will not have to slow down if going too fast, in the first three games, it also earns the player some points for performing, and in the next game, it fills the player's boost tank. It can be used from the beginning in all but Cars: The Video Game, where the player must take Doc's Lesson: Powerslide, which specifically involves Doc teaching Lightning how to perform the move.

Competitive Use Edit

Powersliding is best suggested to be used at absolutely all times, and that tilting can be used instead in harder situations.

Trivia Edit

  • In media other than video games, there are several flaws related to powersliding.
    • Lightning is shown to be able to perform better on road that should slow him down upon powersliding, but this is not true in the games.
    • At the same time, it is also falsely shown to be possible to powerslide in Piston Cup Races, Ghosting Mater, and Mater's Backwards Lesson, when in the games, it is not.