Pit Stop Challenge is a very odd minigame in Cars: The Video Game, it involves Guido doing a pit stop with Lightning McQueen.

Pit Stop Challenge

Guido watches Lightning arrive.

Goal Edit

This minigame has four different steps to complete, the objective is to complete them as quickly as possible by doing what the game says so, which is chosen at random. Controls may vary by version.

  • First, Guido must fill Lightning up with gas.
  • Guido must then scrunch five rivets in Lightning's rear right tire.
  • Guido then has to repeat the latter, but with his front right tire.
  • Finally, Guido will clean Lightning's windshield.

Story Mode Edit

During the 6th to 8th lap in each of the five Piston Cup Races, Lightning will become weak, he will then be asked as he comes around the pits if he wants to take a pit stop. By pressing a button, Lightning will enter the pits and the event will begin. Depending on how fast the event is completed, Lightning will have (for some reason) gotten ahead, or fallen behind. Lightning can also choose not to do the minigame. No pit stops ever happen in arcade mode, as the car never loses their strength.

Vs Mode Edit

Very oddly, this event can be played in Vs Mode but cannot be in singleplayer Arcade Mode. The two players must repeatedly do pit stops during a time limit. Whoever finishes more pit stops when the time runs out will win.

Trivia Edit

  • 2-Player Pit Stop Challenge is the only way Guido's Icon can be seen in-game.
  • It is unknown exactly how or why Lightning gains lead ahead of opponents despite him having stalled for 15-25 seconds.
  • Lightning should presumably gain only half of his strength back due to only taking right-side tires.
  • When the tires run out of power, Lightning does not actually weaken, it simply tempts the player into pitting. In all, pitting is actually just a waste of time and energy.
  • On every version except for the Wii, Lightning enters the wrong pit, instead entering one of Bashman, Suregrip, Aikens, Henderson, or Banks' pit.
    • This issue is resolved on the Wii version of the game, where each pit is now different from one another, and Lightning enters a Rust-eze pit.
  • The developers made two flaws in the sequence where Lightning is being filled with gas.
    • If the player is fast enough, all of the gas will spill onto the ground before Guido inserts the can into the gas port, making this part seem pointless.
    • Lightning's gas cap is never seen opening.
Guido Icon

Guido's icon as it appears.

Pit Road Banners

Textures for every pit road banner as seen in the files, including Lightning's.

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