Papo Artwork
Character Information




Make Model

1947 Chevrolet Coupe



Body Color

Purple, blue

Eye Color





Rafael Sigler

Papo is an unplayable character in Cars: The Video Game.

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Papo came with El Guapo to Radiator Springs from Mexico to race against Lightning McQueen, and soon got into a rivalry with Fletcher and Gerald. He can only speak Spanish and has no dialogue in cut scenes. He appears only in Radiator Cap Circuit and North Desert Dash. He is not playable.

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Although he is not actually in the game, he has been added into this game as a playable character through modding with his Xbox 360 files.

Papo Mod

Papo about to race against El Guapo, Philip, and Yuri.

Cars:IGNITE Remake Edit

Papo is very likely to be a playable character, although he is not confirmed yet.


Papo is purple with blue flames. His body is similar to Doc (and his hood ornament is identical), and some players mistaken him for Doc. His rims ressemble jet engines and his exhaust pipes are arranged just like Lightning's.

Personality Edit

Papo's personality can barely be understood, due to him only being able to speak Spanish. He potentially is selfish and cocky like El Guapo.

Abilities Edit

Papo has no displayed abilities, and is the slowest car in both Story Mode appearances, however, he is seen in a higher level than all the cars he was beaten by in Sheriff's Hot Pursuit.



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