Palm Mile Speedway

Aerial view of the track

Palm Mile Speedway is the first Piston Cup race in Cars: The Video Game.

Final PositionsEdit

The event has three cut scenes, in the first one, Lightning confidently approaches Mack and says to get to the race, Mack says that if Flo fills him with any more fuel, he'll bust his trailer hitch, and Lightning enters his trailer and he gets going.

Sometime later, Darrell Cartrip is shown talking about how Chick Hicks won the 2005 Piston Cup but could have been last as far as the fans were concerned, and how all eyes are on Lightning after his sportsmanship display. With the King retired, it's just Lightning vs. Chick this time around.

Even Later, Lightning has arrived at the speedway, and is being prepared for the race by Guido. Chick then appears and gets into a conversation with Lightning, flipping his bumper at him so he can get aquainted with the view of being behind him. Doc then appears and forces Chick back to his pit, and he bumps Guido in the process, the race then begins.


The track is just a simple oval. Around the 6th to 8th lap, you need to take a pit stop with Guido and play a minigame (Story Mode only).



  • The close-up of McCoy's bumper in the opening scene could have been in reference to the fact that many players upon starting up will accelerate too quickly or forget to avoid him and shunt him, it could also be based on the player's car's view of the race.
  • On the Xbox 360, the several haulers in the infield have had their textures updated, but some of them are incorrect, such as the Nitroade hauler being #28 instead of #52.
  • In the scene with Darrell Cartrip, the depictions of Chick Hicks shown incorrectly had blue eyes.
  • On the PC, Palm Mile Speedway and Los Angeles International Speedway are both known to crash no matter what if the player is using a recent drive such as Windows 10.
  • Products Tank Coat and Shiny Wax appear off of Palm Mile Speedway, and nowhere else.