Otto Von Fassenbottom
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Dee Bradley Baker

Otto Von Fassenbottom is the first of five International racers.

Cars: Mater-National ChampionshipEdit


Given Otto's exqusite German engineering, you might expect him to be a perfectionist. He's certainly focused on racking up wins, but he's also having a great time doing it. Otto's got a rock-star attitude, and he knows what he likes - and he likes to drive fast. He spends a lot of his free time cruising the Autobahn back home, and doesn't understand the concept of speed limits.


Otto is pulled over by Sheriff for going 120 when the speed limit was 25, and quickly fires up North Willy's Butte. Otto later appears in Team Relay 3, Team Relay 4, and all four Stadium Races. He can be unlocked for 20000 points.

Cars: Race-O-RamaEdit

Otto makes a cameo on a portrait in Luigi's Casa Della Tires.


Otto is gray with black tires and spoiler with a German flag on his sides. His license plate reads "GOENFAUST". In Cars 2, a character named Max Schnell was designed from this.

Personality Edit

Otto is self-centered and highly encouraged to race, as he refuses to follow speed limits and usually does not want to stop racing.

Abilities Edit

Otto does not have any notable abilities, and he usually is outsped by the other "international" racers.



  • Although Sheriff pulled Otto over, he won't pull Lightning over when he goes 120 and higher in exploration mode.
  • Otto's normal eye color is brown, but is blue in certain versions of the game.
  • According to Beta footage, Otto had a vastly different engine sound compared to the final game. It was more ressemblant to the engine sound of real Le Mans (Le Cars) engines, and presumably removed due to being too loud.
  • Otto's number is 8, even though Barry appears in the same game and is also numbered 8.
  • Otto is the only car that is not a Piston Cup Racer and has tires marked "LIGHTYEAR".
  • According to certain concept art, Otto was intended to have a front license plate, but the title of having this still belongs to only Fillmore and Fred.
    • Tater also shared this in common, with concept art depicting him with a front license plate reading "TATER".
    • Unlike any other front license plate, real or concept, Otto's front plate was located above his mouth, while the others were on their front bumpers.
Bonus art vehicle p

The concept art as it appears.


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