Ornament Valley GP is the last road race in Cars: The Video Game.

Ornament Valley GP

The race aligned the wrong way.

Story Mode Edit

Darrell Cartrip is interviewing Vince, who happens to be very shy about being on Live TV, saying "Hi, Ma!" and unveiling his relationship with Chick. While Darrell thought he came from Queens to simply race Lightning, the gang are enemies of Lightning and their plan was to train with Chick, and cheat.

Track Edit

The track starts very similar to that of Chick's Challenge, but both ways around the Turkey are now accessible, and rather than returning straight to the main road after the ramp, it keeps going into Radiator Springs, enters the Nature Preserve, and then enters the main road and after a bit returns the racers to where they started. The race is only two laps long.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Tailfin Pass is unlocked after Ornament Valley, this race comes after Tailfin Pass GP.
  • At the end of the cut scene, the cars are shown aligning the wrong direction. Tailfin Pass GP also shares this in common.