North Willy's Butte is a road race in Cars: Mater-National Championship.


The cars lining up

Story Mode Edit

The event has a Cut Scene, where Sheriff has pulled over Otto for going 120 when the speed limit is only 25. Lightning then tries to take Otto off of Sheriff's hands and challenges him to three laps, Otto says that's like a sunday drive. Otto races in Le Cars where each race lasts 24 hours. They then start a race. Sheriff simply says "Distant third, here I come." and turns on his siren.

The end scene comes after the race, Otto says they should race again, but Lightning says to relax and see the town. Otto says he has a girlfriend named Jenny, so Lightning says to go to Lizzie's and buy some curios and ask about Stanley and how things were different then in 2007 than in the old days. Sheriff finally keeps up and says that'll take care of him.

Track Edit

The track starts affront Sarge's boot camp, and goes back onto a bridge and into a patch of cacti, they then take a few turns before entering a lane of marshes. Cars must jump over them or they will be slown down. There is a two way intersection, a normal path, and a longcut in a tunnel with falling boulders. They then take the turns affront Willy's Butte, and then a few more before entering Sarge's boot camp, then they return to the starting line.

Main Causes of Loss Edit

  • Harmful tornadoes whirl around the boot camp, and can easily cost a player a win if ran into and spun out on the final lap.

Award Info Edit

Winning will give the player 8 Bolt Banners. Winning again will give 8000 points.

Gallery Edit


Results screen


Gerald being sucked into a tornado

Red Cameo

Red's cameo

Trivia Edit

  • Red makes a cameo watering one of the marshes, even though he is actually just a very undetailed model placed in the environment.
  • This is the only one of the three "closing road races" where all three cars in the cut scene appear in the race.
  • This is the only road race where the soundtrack called "Lil' Darlin" plays at the event dot instead of "Stone Crows".
  • This is Sheriff's only road race appearance in the second installment.