Nitroade is a product that has appeared continuously in the Cars series.


Nitroade logo on a temporary wall in the first level of Race "N" Chase.

Description Edit

Nitroade is a brand of Hi-Energy Drink, which upon drinking, gives the car more power and strength. It's name is a portmanteau between "Nitro", a substance inserted into gas to give the car that uses it more power and higher speed, and "Ade", the suffix of many real Energy Drink brands such as Gatorade and Powerade.

Appearances Edit

It appears on a large number of temporary walls and billboards, and is featured as the sponsor of Joltsen. It also appears as an announcer mention where he says "Fans, today's race is sponsored by Nitroade. Nitroade, Hi-Energy Drink for Hi-Energy Cars.".

Trivia Edit

  • Nitroade's logo has a number of hidden details which only the most observant players happen to notice, such as the "O" not being tilted unlike the other letters, as it is supposed to be based on a burning tire, and the dot on top of the "I" being lowercase and being a location where the flames cut, forming a tough to notice circle shape, making the dot.

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