Motor Speedway of the South (called Motor City Speedway on it's Loading Screen) is the second Piston Cup race in Cars: The Video Game.

Story ModeEdit

Lightning enters Mack's trailer saying they have a race to get to, and Mack shouts "Piston Cup, Here we come!", and drives off.


The track is a very simple though large Piston Cup rectangle.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the longest Piston Cup Race, each lap takes averagely 42 to 45 seconds, and the whole race takes usually about 9 minutes.
  • In all versions except the Wii, all Guenther, Riley, and Aikens are absent, having been replaced by a second Hollister, Suregrip, and Lee Jr. This was presumably due to that the "real" Lee Jr, Suregrip, and Hollister started in different positions than they do in other races, so they added additional ones to fill in those spots.
  • Motor Speedway is the only Piston Cup Race to not have Chick Hicks on it's loading screen, and the only one to feature NPC cars (McCoy and Cortland are both clearly visible, along with several other cars who are too smudgy to identify).
  • There is a known glitch where the walls will become impenetrable and drop the player in a void if passed through (they will be reset), and can be used to set world-record times (The best recorded time without any glitches used is 8:12.36).
  • A minor background error, stars are visible in the sky, when they should not be due to the stadium's light being too strong for their light to be visible inside it. Smasherville International Speedway also shares this in common.
  • Due to the stadium's size, Al Oft who flies around in the background can get too far away and despawn, allowing players to see his body cut.
  • This is the only Piston Cup Race where Chick Hicks starts on the outer row of cars, and the only race where the fastest NPC (Hollister) starts on the inner row.
  • Every number displayed on the scoreboard except for Lightning and McCoy's numbers (95 and 33) is not the number of a real car. The number 27 is also shown twice.

    Also note 423 laps, which the race does not have.

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