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Lux Motors Co. Piston Cup V8


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Jerry Trainor

Masterson is a Piston Cup Racer in Cars: The Video Game.

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Story ModeEdit

In story mode, Masterson is seen racing with the other Piston Cup cars in each of the five Piston Cup Races. In all five races, he normally places 13th.

Arcade ModeEdit

You can't play as Masterson, but he will appear as an opponent in Piston Cup races.

Cars: Fast as Lightning Edit

Masterson appears as the first playable character, once the player completes his track, they unlock Chick Hicks.


Masterson is red with a checkered line on his side, along with his No Stall decals, his number can vary between 121 and 123, swapping with Suregrip.

Personality Edit

In the first game, Masterson has a blank personality (and only has a voice in Los Angeles International Speedway, which Medford uses in all other races), but in Fast as Lightning, Masterson is depicted cheerful and light-hearted, one day dreaming of being a Piston Cup Champion like Lightning.

Abilities Edit

Masterson is shown trying to learn abilities from Lightning throughout the events of Fast as Lightning, but doesn't seem to have any he learned himself.

Paint Jobs Edit

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, Masterson has two alternate paint jobs called "Rookie Green" and "Golden Champion".



Icon from Cars: The Video Game


Cars: The Video Game

Trivia Edit

  • In Cars: The Video Game, he is a clone of Joltsen.
  • His number is 121 in Cars: The Video Game, but in the Xbox 360 Version and in Fast as Lightning, it is 123, a bio says he chose 123 since it is easy to remember.
  • Masterson is one of four cars whose number font changes depending on which number he has, taking on the font of Suregrip's 121 when wearing that number.
    • Masterson/Suregrip and Cortland/Clarkson are the only pairs of cars who trade number fonts along with the actual numbers.
  • Masterson is mentioned by the announcer as "number 121", but due to the Xbox 360 number changes, Masterson will instead bear number 123 and fall unmentioned, the quotes will instead be directed at Suregrip, who is still also mentioned by name. Guenther also shares this in common.
  • Although the common No Stall logo is orange (including the one on Masterson's trunk), Masterson is red.

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