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Mack Semi-Hauler



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Red, yellow

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Lightning's Hauler


John Ratzenberger

Mack is Lightning McQueen's personal hauler in Cars: The Video Game and Cars: Race-O-Rama, and is a competitor in Cars 3: Driven to Win.


Cars: The Video GameEdit

In story mode, Mack can usually be found outside of Flo's V8 Cafe, while waiting to take Lightning to his next Piston Cup race. One night when he was driving along the highway, Boost, Wingo, DJ, and Snot Rod stole Lightning's goods from his trailer, only to have Lightning seek revenge and have them locked in the impound to be trialed by Doc.

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Mack does not appear in the game, but a name string has been found for him in the coding.

Cars: Race-O-RamaEdit

Mack can be seen in exploration mode in all explorable worlds, he can take the player to the other worlds of the game when they enter the event dot in front of him.

Cars 3: Driven to WinEdit

Mack has now made his playable debut. His body has been made smaller to accomodate him.


Mack is red with a bolt and 95, his trailer used for hauling Lightning has a bigger bolt and 95, and a picture and the name of his main passenger. He also wears a trucker cap sporting the Rust-Eze logo.


Trivia Edit

  • In Cars: The Video Game, driving too fast into Mack while he is parked can get the player stuck inside of him, Mack can also be pushed through some buildings.
  • Mack and Chick Hicks are the only characters to appear in Cars: The Video Game and Cars: Race-O-Rama without appearing in the second game.
  • According to some beta pictures of Cars: The Video Game, Mack was intended to also appear at his normal post in both exploration mode and in races.
    Mater cars the video game

    Look very closely to the right


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