Luigi to the Rescue is a minigame in Cars: The Video Game.


The goal of the game is to collect the given number of tires before the timer runs out, and make it back to Luigi's Casa Della Tires. There are 8 different levels, all with different tire locations.

Cars: Race-O-Rama Edit

The minigame returns with a single level under the name of Luigi's Tire Find, it does not support a mini map like the first game does, but all the tires are put in an easy trail, and you do not have to return to Luigi's once all 15 are collected. Also, cars do not drive around the roads.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first game, the game makes the player guide Luigi in this event. However, Luigi cannot be played as in any other event.
  • Strangely, the tourists always appear painted white unlike in exploration mode where they will appear in numerous colors. This is most likely a mistake that the developers forgot to fix.