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Name: Luigi

Gender: Male

Occupation: Owner of Luigi's Casa Della Tires

Color: Yellow

Eye Color: Brown

Relatives: Uncle Topolino (Uncle), Mama Topolino (Mom), Guido (Younger Brother)

Friends: Guido, Sheriff, Sally, Lightning McQueen, Red, Mater, Fillmore, Sarge, Lizzie, Flo, Ramone, Doc

Enemies: Chick Hicks

Age: 59

Make Model: 1959 Fiat 500

Voice: Tony Shalhoub

Personality Edit

Luigi can easily get excited, and usually will when someone (not everyone) visits his shop. He is also shown to be obsessed with tires, as he can easily fall sad if he hears that any tires have disappeared. He is also a huge fan of Ferraris.


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