Los Angeles International Speedway is the final event of Cars: The Video Game.

Los Angeles International Speedway

The cars rushing to the starting line.

Final Positions Edit

Lightning approaches Mack, ready to be taken to this last race, but Mack feels sad that it's the end of the season, but Lightning says they've got much more road to travel since he has to return next season to defend his trophy. Lightning enters the trailer and Mack drives him away.

After the race, Lightning is briefly shown with a Piston Cup atop a statue shouting "Ka-Chow!". After returning to the town, he is shown with Mater, Sally, and Doc, talking about how Lightning is a "Veteran of the road, a Seasoned Traveler". They (except Doc) then decide to take a drive throughout the country together. Later, Sally asks if Lightning packed his trophy, but he says "No, don't worry, it's in a good place.", it is then shown on display outside of Doc's Clinic next to Doc's three Piston Cups. The Credits then play.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player is off-road while they complete a lap, they will have to do the lap over, and lose.
  • This is the only Piston Cup Race where Chick Hicks actually is the fastest car, in all other races, one of Lee Jr, Hollister, Guenther, or Aikens outspeeds him.
  • Los Angeles International Speedway and Palm Mile Speedway are both known to crash garaunteed on the PC version if the player is using a recent drive type such as Windows 10.
  • Certain pictures have been found which show the race with only 5 laps and McCoy as one of the top five cars, these are presumably Beta screenshots, but could potentially be mods.
    Cars X360 Mod

    Note McCoy and the lap total.