Lizzie's Postcard Hunt is the scavenging event of Cars: The Video Game.

Lizzie's Postcard Hunt

The locations of each postcard.

Story Mode Edit

Lightning enters the Curio Shop, where he sees Lizzie looking at her postcards, which he then gets curious about them, but accidentally causes a chain reaction that turns a fan on and makes 20 of them fly away. Lightning then realizes he has to set out and find them all. The event then begins.

Later, Lightning has returned with all the Postcards, but Lizzie gets grouchy and asks "Who are you?", but then sees the postcards and remembers that she had lost them and had been looking for them.

Objective Edit

Lightning must search around the explorable area and find each of the 20 postcards hidden around.

Award Info Edit

Each card picked up will reward the player with one trophy and it will have them save their game.

Trivia Edit

  • The game has at least 4 cards hidden in places that require three boost segments, but the player can obtain them with only one segment via Cheat Codes.

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