Name: Lightning McQueen

Gender: Male

Occupation: Cruz Ramirez's Crew Chief and Mentor

Color: Red, Yellow

Eye Color: Blue

Relatives: Sally (Girlfriend)

Friends: Mater, Sally, Doc, Ramone, Flo, Sheriff, Fillmore, Sarge, Luigi, Guido, Lizzie, The King, Darrell Cartrip, Gudmund, Otto, Koji, Giovanni, Emma, Candice, El Machismo, Stinger, Doc Hudson Academy Students, Doc Hudson's Pitty, Henderson, Masterson, Aikens, Mack, Mia, Tia, Fletcher, Gerald, El Guapo, Papo, Phillip, Fred, Red, Cruz Ramirez, Miss Fritter

Enemies: Chick Hicks, Boost, DJ, Wingo, Snot Rod, Chick Hicks Academy Students, VIN, Not Chuck, HTB Pitty, MotorCo. Pitty, Count Spatula, Vince, Barry, Sonny, Lenny, Tommy Joe, The Crippler, Ginormous, Kabuto, Frank, Bulldozers

Age: 12

Make Model: A mix of a Corvette and a Dodge

Voice: Owen Wilson, Keith Ferguson

Personality Edit

Lightning was originally (and in Cars: Hi Octane) depicted as a self-centered "One-Man Show", but he has later changed and has friends other than his fans and Mack. Changes like these also happen to most other main protagonists in their respective series.


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Not Playable
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