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Masi Oka

Koji is a Japanese drift racer who visited Radiator Springs in the second Cars game.

Cars: Mater-National ChampionshipEdit


Koji comes from the world of downhill Touge racing, commonly known as drifting. Much of Koji's success is attributed to his light and manueverable style of driving. He prides himself on his ability to take turns with wide, screeching, smoking powerslides. Koji treats his sport as a science - he's extremely completent, but he's not so focused that he forgets to have fun.


Koji makes a sole appearance in Canyon Run, where he is the fastest car. He later appears in the end scene of Team Relay 4 and makes a very brief cameo in the final end scene when the player beats the game. He can be unlocked as a playable character for 40000 points.


Koji is red and white with the word "KOJIMOTO" written on his sides and rear.



  • Koji is the only one of the five International Racers not to appear in a Stadium Race.
    • However, as Emma never has any interaction with Lightning, it would make more sense to have Koji appear in Stadium Race 4 instead of Emma.
  • Koji is one of six characters who are incapable of speaking English, the others are GuidoStinger, PapoLenny, and Ginormous.
    • He speaks English in the respective cut scene he is in on the DS version of the game, in events he does not speak at all. The only time when he speaks is when he gets selected where he says "yahoo!" and the ending cutscene (which is a video as opposed to screenshots) where he say "hoo-boy!" this might be so due to consistency,
  • In the game's files, Koji's codename is "Hiro", which has lead people to speculate that his name was originally going to be Hiro, but was later changed to Koji.
  • Koji's confirmed cameos in storybooks incorrectly depict him colored white with a red stripe instead of red with a white stripe.
    • In certain Beta shots, Koji has a gray with red stripe paintjob, which could be based on the Storybook appearances.
  • Koji could be considered one of cars to appear in road races, but not in any team relay races, but can be played as in them in arcade mode, keeping this title to Philip and Fred.
  • Koji is the only International Racer to have 5 of any stat.

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