High Speed Heist is a single-level minigame in Cars: The Video Game. It involves Boost, Wingo, DJ, and Snot Rod trying to rob Mack on Interstate 40 under the request of Chick Hicks.

High Speed Heist

The DRH moving in for the attack.

Story Mode Edit

First, Mack is seen driving down (later confirmed to be west) I40. The four DRH are then seen somewhere behind him and Boost asks if they are all set, DJ says it's on, and they immediately move in to steal Lightning's gear.

Later, DJ has made it to Mack. He comes up in front of him and says "It's Bedtime...", and plays a soft, soothing song that quickly makes Mack fall asleep.

Even later, Snot Rod has brought a ramp, and Boost is seen jumping off of it, he safely lands on Mack's roof and makes the back door of the trailer come down and Lightning's gear starts falling out. Boost then clears Wingo to make his move, and he says "On my way!" and moves in.

Wingo then arrives at the scene after taking the falling gear and says "Got the goods, i'm Ghost!", before driving away. DJ then switches back to his punk music and darts off as well. Snot Rod then sneezes by and wakes Mack up, then witnessing Boost jumping off of his trailer and also vanishing into the night. Mack then sees that his trailer is open, and knowing that he isn't able to catch up, he pulls over.

Objective Edit

The minigame has three "rounds", and along the way, they must avoid Tourists:

  • DJ must approach Mack and upon doing so, he will put him to sleep.
  • Boost must approach, and then jump off a ramp held by Snot Rod and get onto Mack's roof. The impact will make the trailer open.
  • Wingo, once reaching Mack, must trail him and grab five boxes of gear while avoiding other things, which will slow him down.

Gallery Edit

Hsh gear

Icon used to mark how much gear is collected.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the game has the player control Boost and DJ in this game, they cannot be played as in any other event.
  • This event is the only way Mack's icon can be seen in-game.
  • It is unknown why the game does not have the player control Snot Rod.
    • It is also unknown why Snot Rod did not do Wingo's role instead of him, as he was already there and could have snatched all the gear for him just as easily.
  • In the first cut scene, the audio is misaligned, meaning the characters speak before their lips move.
    • It may also be noted that in this scene, they are much closer to Mack than they should be, and there are no Tourists in the way.
Mack Icon

The icon as it appears.

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