Hazards may seem as if they are for a next-generation game or something more like Mario Kart compared to Cars games, but Cars: Mater-National Championship has kept numerous in stock, here's a list so you're ready.

List Edit

  • North Willy's Butte: Tornadoes swirl around Sarge's Boot Camp and will take in a car if they drive into it. They could easily cost a win if ran into on the final lap.
  • Wheel Well Circuit: A longcut appears on the track with massive off-road patches that the player will fall in if they speed up to much, even with cheat codes this area can hugely stall the player. Fortunately, CPU cars take this route. They however avoid it on Team Relay 3.
  • The Upper Mine: In the two mineshafts, a train track with minecarts running down it will appear, running into one will not only destroy the cart, but slow down the car.
  • Canyon Run: This race is notable of having two hazards, first, on the three-way road, the lower road is a hazard, driving on it will hugely cost any car that takes it. Second, before the giant ramp, an area with falling rocks can be seen, if a rock hits a racer, it will slow them down and cause many subsequent smashes as well. It can take away a 10 second lead from any car in the snap of a finger. It's best to hope your foes get hit alot as well.
  • Rustbucket Race 3: The racers cross the same ramp twice each lap, so if the player were 17-23 seconds ahead of an enemy, they would slam them and both would wipe out.
  • Rustbucket Race 4: The same straightaway is crossed twice a lap, and cars can have massive head-on collisions that can cost as much as 20 seconds, this can be used at an advantage however, by pushing a faster car into the slower cars that get far enough behind.

Gallery Edit

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