Gasprin is a product appearing throughout the Cars video game series.


Gasprin written on a diecast's hood.

Description Edit

Gasprin is a brand of Hood Ache Relief. It's name is a portmanteau between "Gas" (a car's fuel) and "Asprin" (a relief pill), and the symptom "Hood Ache" is a play on "Head Ache".

Appearances Edit

Gasprin initially appears solely as an announcer mention: "Today's race is sponsored in part by team Gasprin, Hood Ache Relief for cars big and small.", but is also one of the many sponsors Lightning has stickers of behind his front tires, and later in the third game starts appearing on billboards.

Trivia Edit

  • A Gasprin car with the number 70 appeared in the movie and as a diecast, but there was not a Gasprin car in the first game.

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