Fillmore's Nature Preserve is a road race in Cars: Mater-National Championship. It is set in the nature preserve owned by Fillmore that was previously explorable in Cars: The Video Game.


The cars lining up

Story Mode Edit

Track Edit

The track starts at the center of Radiator Springs, and heads back into the Nature Preserve along the first of three consistent straightaways. In the back, when the cars are in an old quarry, an area covered by logs can be seen, it is a shortcut. Right after getting off, the racers jump over the second straightaway. If a car squeezes into a thin tube on the right of the road, they will be shot onto a super-shortcut, they then take the back road behind the town and return where they started.

Main Causes of Loss Edit

  • Less skilled players usually try to avoid crashing, and due to how the final turn is designed, they must crash into the sign covering Ramone's house, and NOT into the fence, otherwise, Sarge or Lenny will likely take their win while they're losing control or are trapped along the edge of the sign. It can still be both avoided and not forced to slow down by tapping the Tilt button repeatedly as they turn.
  • Taking the Super-Shortcut, if a car has not gained enough speed before they jump, they'll fall in the abyss and lose time. Opponents taking the shortcut can easily steal a player's win on higher difficulties.

Award Info Edit

A first place finish will award 5 Bolt Banners, and later 5000 points.

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A results screen


Sarge approaching the Super-Shortcut