{{Character Infobox |image = El Guapo Artwork.jpg |role = Non-playable character |make model = 70's Boat Car |performer = Alex Reymundo|gender = Male|body color = Green, gold|eye color = Yellow|occupation = Mexican Racer|playable? = No|alignment = Neutral|Friends = Papo,Lightning McQueen|Enemies = Fletcher, Gerald]} El Guapo ("The Handsome") is a character in Cars: The Video Game.

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Story ModeEdit

In story mode, El Guapo and his friend Papo get into a rivalry with Fletcher and Gerald, and often settle their arguments with a race. El Guapo appears as an opponent in the races North Desert Dash, Radiator Cap Circuit and Radiator Springs GP. He also appears during the second level of Sheriff's Hot Pursuit, where he is one of the speeeders that must be caught.

Arcade Mode Edit

El Guapo is not playable, but will appear as an opponent in most road races.

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

El Guapo does not actually appear in this game, but has been added into the game using his Xbox 360 files through modding.

El Guapo Mod

El Guapo races against Papo, Philip, and Yuri

Cars:IGNITE Remake Edit

El Guapo is under consideration of being a playable character.

Livery Edit

El Guapo is light green with various gold parts, such as his grille, bumpers, and rear-view mirrors. His license plate is different from other Carburetor County license plates, being white with gold lining rather than brown with white lining, it reads "GUAPO".

Personality Edit

El Guapo both verbally and (coincidentially) visually, similar to Chick Hicks. He is very selfish and happens to boast about his gold, saying Fletcher can't beat him just because he has silver rims.

Abilities Edit

El Guapo is able to keep a tire up and stay in position without shaking. His wide body usually will reduce the space he can drive in, similar to Bubba (and unlike him, he does not have a wider body, meaning he does not have to ability to block off foes more easily).


Trivia Edit

  • His icon in most versions of the game depict him with the differences his artwork had such as a pointed grille, round headlights, and iron bars around his taillights.
  • El Guapo and Guenther are the only cars in the first game to be the fastest car in one race, and then be the slowest car in another.
  • Certain pictures in the guide of the PC version of the game show that El Guapo was supposed to appear as an opponent in Radiator Springs Grand Prix.

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