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Doc Hudson Academy Student
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Blue, white

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Unknown, may vary


Joe Smith

Doc Hudson Academy Students are generic cars that are being mentored by Doc at his academy in Cars: Race-O-Rama. They come in four different variants.

Cars: Race-O-Rama Edit

DH Students appear throughout the game as minor opponents in a large number of races.

Livery Edit

DH Students are mostly blue, but come in four different models, each of their spoilers, white stripes, and exhaust pipes will differ somehow.

Personality Edit

DH Students have very little personality, as they are simply meant to be backgrounders or just exist for storyline consistency with the Chick Hicks Academy Students.

Abilities Edit

DH Students do not have any special ability, but as them being called "Student" implies, they are trying to learn techniques from Doc.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Although all four variants are playable in most versions, only the first student is playable on the PS2.
    • However, by playing one of the Relay Races in Vs Mode, Player 2's team will have Student 2 on it, making him playable only in one event, like with Luigi, Boost, and DJ in the first game.
  • The "fourth" variant of the DH Student never appears as an opponent. Because of this, he does not appear in the PS2 version of the game.
  • These Students were intended to only have one appearance, a simple blue car with a DH Academy logo on their sides, this is proven by an icon that was used in early development as seen in video footage.

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