Doc's Challenge is a road race in Cars: The Video Game.

Doc's Challenge

The two racers line up.

Story ModeEdit

In th cut scene, Lightning had just finished Doc's Lesson: Powerslide, and Doc pertiques Lightning on his powersliding, saying he now must try it in a race, so he challenges Lightning.

In the end, Doc says he's too early on the throttle, but Lightning is dozing off, seeing that the two are being spied on by Chick Hicks, Lightning says he should do the same to Chick. But Doc says if he ran his mouth as well as he raced, he'd have the Piston Cup already. Chick Hicks knows he has been spotted, and leaves without saying anything.


Turn left onto Willy's Butte and continue down to the side of Sarge's Boot Camp, and exit down the back road. Turn right into the open gate, where you will find two shortcuts down the road from Sarge's Compound to Willy's Butte. Go down into the Compound Trench and back towards the finish line.

Trivia Edit

  • In arcade mode, there are 4 racers instead of 2, and the fastest car will no matter what be Doc.
    • This also means that this is the only event in the game to have 4 racers total in arcade mode.