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Darrell Cartrip is the main host of the Piston Cup racing series. He is based on and voiced by the real Darrell Waltrip.

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Darrell Cartrip comes to Radiator Springs to host the three "GP" events with Mater, and also does an interview with Vince. He is the race announcer in the Piston Cup series, shouting out phrases like "Look out! Turner and Banks did some rubbing, but neither will give an inch!" and "Looks like Hollister spun out and hit the wall! He's gonna come in for repairs." He is also a playable character unlocked by default, but is only playable in Piston Cup Races.

Cars: Mater-National ChampionshipEdit

Darrell Cartrip does not appear in the game, but there are mods that make him appear as a playable character.

Cars: Race-O-Rama Edit

Darrell Cartrip is specualted to be the voice often heard calling things out in certain races, in Sprint 1's end scene, he can be heard saying "Ow! A horrific crash!" when the CH Students spin out the DH Students before unveiling Chick Hicks. Some fans also falsely refer to this voice as "Troy Brakeman", which is actually the physically different announcer of the PSP version.

Cars 3: Driven to Win Edit

Like in Race-O-Rama, he does not make a physical appearance, and very often shouts out various things depending on what is currently happening. He has alot more overall dialogue and speaks much more compared to any past game. His name appearing on dialogue boxes that appear on the screen when a character speaks confirm the voice is Cartrip.


Darrell Cartrip is a strange grayish-blue with a red and yellow flame design on his front and the number 17.


Trivia Edit

  • The only four NPC cars that Darrell Cartrip does not mention (name or number) are Cortland, Henderson, Clarkson, and Aikens.
    • On the Xbox 360, most of the NPCs have their number changed redirecting some of the number mentions. Henderson becomes mentioned as number 58, and Guenther and Masterson become unmentioned due to the few mentions of numbers 117 and 121 now referring Suregrip and Lee Jr.
  • He has the lowest number of any Piston Cup Car, but loses to Sonny for having the lowest number in the series.
  • On the GBA version of the game, the four playable characters are four of the five cars who on normal versions are playable in Piston Cup Races. Darrell Cartrip is the exception to the playable characters, only appearing as the NPC announcer in cut scenes.
  • Darrell Cartrip makes countless incorrect statements in the middle of races.
    • He incorrectly states that there is a car named "Conklin", while this name only appears on the GBA, where the cars have no differences or even trivia other than their names.
    • He states that there are cars with numbers 23, 30, and 65, when there actually are no cars with those numbers.
    • He says that NPC cars take pit stops, but they are never seen doing so.
    • He sometimes will announce the "fan of the race" more than once.
    • He may say two cars are fighting or one hit the wall when they are in the player's sight, clearly not crashing or pounding another car.
    • He will state that the player is falling back simply when they are being unlapped by a slow NPC, in which he is not actually losing a position.
    • He has a quote saying that a group a fans are rooting for Lightning, but he may quote this when he, Doc, or King are being played as, which upon picking one of these three cars, Lightning will not be in the race at all, which then it would not make sense for fans to root for him.
    • He always says the race is "today", even when the race is at night.
  • Darrell Cartrip and Mater met in the cut scene of Radiator Springs GP, but a few years later in the second movie, he admits to having never seen Mater before.

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