Chick's Challenge is a road race in Cars: The Video Game.

Chick's Challenge

The racers lining up.

Story Mode Edit

Lightning approaches the Queens Gang, who are in their familiar spot at the gas station, as Vince calls him "king of the road", but Chick Hicks appears to correct him with "McQueen of the road". Lightning isn't very surprised to see him after his sighting in Doc's Challenge. He says he went back to school, and Lightning thinks education is so important, and Barry agrees, only to have Vince and Sonny smash his hood again. He says he spends alot of time on his hood while they bash it up. Chick then challenges Lightning to a race.

After the Queens gang left, Lightning and Chick began bickering, saying it wasn't actually a race. Lightning says there are things out here called "Right Turns". Chick then decides to leave, seeing Lightning at the next Piston Cup Race, but is actually shown to be summoning Boost, Wingo, DJ, and Snot Rod to steal Lightning's gear and get him disqualified from the race.

Track Edit

The track starts at the Gas Station, and heads behind the Turkey along a sloped road, past the trainyard, and into the road near Frank's field, but then takes a different turn rather than the one taken on Ornament Valley Circuit, over a ramp, and back to the main road.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why Lenny disappeared in this race.
  • Although Wingo may appear as an opponent in this race in arcade mode, the other three DRH will not. It is also the only Ornament Valley race where Wingo will be an opponent (although he is playable in all three of them).
  • The fastest CPU car will no matter what be Chick Hicks, since the race is namesake for him.