Cars 3 Driven to Win

Cars 3: Driven to Win (sometimes called Cars 3: The Video Game) is the fifth installment in the Cars video game series, released on June 13 2017 on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. The game happens to be a near copy of Cars 2: The Video Game, using the same game engine, graphics, physics, and mostly items (which do return).

Story Edit

Like Cars 2, there is no story mode, and does not have unique events and .atys.

Characters Edit

The cast has 23 playable characters, with many new Cars 3 characters, and some Cars 1 and 2 veterans. The game will possibly have all of Cars 2: The Video Game's roster as well as an upcoming DLC, but this has not been confirmed yet. The entire cast can be slightly customized with a horn, underglow, and unique flames.

Returning Veterans Edit

  • Lightning (And has an alt named Fabulous Lighting McQueen, which was added when the movie came out)
  • Mater (Along with Mater the Greater, who is a separate character)
  • Sally
  • Ramone
  • Guido
  • Chick Hicks
  • Mack (Playable Debut)
  • Henderson (called Bobby Swift) (Playable Debut)
  • Aikens (called Brick Yardley) (Playable Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first game ever where Ramone's standard paint job is not his purple with flames scheme.
  • This is Sally's first fully playable appearance in 11 years.
  • This is the only game to not have a handheld variant by the same name.
  • In one shot in the trailer, Lightning's 95 and Rust-Eze logo were flipped the opposite direction. This was fixed in the release, though.
  • This is the 4th game in a row the feature Mater The Greater.
  • This is the only game where Guido is playable but Luigi isn't.
Reverse Lightning

The sponsor and number of Lightning both mirrored.

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