Bubba's Bucket Bash is the final smash up and one of the boss races of Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Story Mode Edit

In the end scene, Bubba is driving around thinking of new plots against Mater, also telling the Taters that they lost and have no towing rights to Radiator Springs. The Taters think they won since they made a new friend, being Mater, and Bubba leaves without them.

Track Edit

The track is another loop about the Rustbucket Stadium, road bumps and additional ramps are added to increase difficulty and decrease the racers' stability.

Main Causes of Loss Edit

  • Road Bumps can usually force the car around and make them hit the wall and lose time.

Trivia Edit

  • Monster Truck Race 2 uses the same track as this race.
  • On the PS2, only the Taters and Bubba appear in the race, like in the cut scene.
  • This is the only Smash Up race where Zeke does not appear.

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