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1970 Plymouth Road Runner


Bad, later Neutral

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Orange, blue

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Ally of Chick Hicks


Rob Izenberg

Barry is a part of Vince's gang in Cars: The Video Game and Cars: Mater-National Championship. He is childish and dumb but willing to do anything to get smarter.

Cars: The Video Game

Barry came from so-called "Queens" with his friends Vince, Sonny and Lenny to Ornament Valley to help Chick so he could train for the Piston Cup. Not too long after McQueen met them, he was engaged in a racing competition against the 4. He, Vince and Sonny later competed in the Ornament Valley Grand Prix, the third and final race of the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. He is not playable. Sonny likes to smash his hood whenever he talks, likely because of how unconfident he is.

Cars: Mater-National Championship

Barry and his friends still compete in races throughout Cars: Mater-National Championship. He still is not playable, however mods do exist that make him playable.


Barry is orange with numerous blue stripes, bearing the number 8 in a black spade on his doors.


Barry is very childish and happens to trashtalk anyone Vince dislikes, even though sometimes that car ends up being him, like when he agreed with Lightning in one cut scene. He also happens to be spineless and refers Vince in alot of his quotes, whether it be asking if he is looking at his tricks or if he is saying to wait until Vince hears about that his enemy has bumped into him.


Barry is shown to have some abilties, including drifting without gaining any speed and not receiving any visual dents when pounded under Vince and Sonny's tires.


Barry 2

Cars: The Video Game


Another shot from Cars: The Video Game

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Cars: Mater-National Championship


Barry as an opponent in Rustbucket Grand Prix by use of mods

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  • Barry makes the most appearances of any non-playable character in Cars: Mater-National Championship, at 7 total.
  • It is said that if Barry had been playable, he would be the only one of the new characters introduced in Cars: The Video Game to be declared overrated.
  • Barry has pop-out headlights according to beta artwork, but they are always exposed in the game, even when not needed.
  • Although Barry, along with Lenny, roam Ornament Valley before Lightning McQueen races against him and his friends in Ornament Valley Circuit, they disappear after the event is completed.
  • Barry's headlights do not appear as bright as those of other characters in Cars: Mater-National Championship. This is because his files were directly ported from Cars: The Video Game, where all characters had dim headlights, and the developers may have not intended him to appear in any night races, which would mean that putting him in Team Relay 2 was actually a mistake.
  • Otto later shares numbers with Barry.

    Beta Artwork


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