A Backwards Flip is a very special move that characters can perform.


Lightning performing the move.

Description Edit

When using this, the car will quickly flip around and start driving backwards, and will turn right to go left and vice versa. The move's benefits of using have changed throughout the series. The player will slowly rack up points just for doing this in the first game. In Cars: Mater-National Championship, the player can perform it before landing on a big air to triple the points they get upon landing. In Cars 2: The Video Game, they will fill up their boost, and can easily fire weapons back. It can be used by default in all but Cars: The Video Game, where the player must learn it by beating Mater's Backwards Lesson. Opponents will also sometimes use this as well, apart from the guiding Mater in the Backwards Lesson making the player flip as he does, opponents will often use this in Cars 2: The Video Game to fill their boost tanks, and in the second game, an opposing Gudmund, Otto, Koji, Giovanni, or Emma will often backwards flip and taunt the player if they are beating them.

Competitive Use Edit

Although there are no competitive means of this move, the flip itself can be used as a weapon, where if close enough to a foe, they can push them back and make them lose speed from the impact, although it may sometimes instead push them forwards and make them gain speed, it's a game of chance!

Trivia Edit

  • In the second game, the opponents may actually taunt the player when they are lapping them rather than behind them, they can also be forced to drive backwards permanently by holding them down as they flip back.

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